Individual advisor

For every single client the advice is individual, based on the needs, financial capabilities and future vision of the client. Every detail is important for us. Whether the client is buying, renting, selling or handing the property for management, the quality and reliability of the expert service is the same for every case.

Property purchase is not just a business deal. It is also a great chance to meet new people, ideas and opportunities. We offer you here our helpful hand trying to discover the chances for each client individually, based on the specifics of the transaction.

– We save your time: Do not waste your time on the complicated documentation in foreign language. Our professional real estate managers do it for you competently, quickly and, of course, effectively.

– We listen to your needs: We find for you the best property that suits your needs and needs of your family. Moreover, our qualified professionals have expert knowledge in searching, finding, comparing and negotiating the best conditions for our clients.

– We compare objectively: Possessing professional knowledge and experience helps us objectively compare the property units and offer to our clients the best fitting options.

– We know the local market: Often knowing the nuances of local market can be crucial for making decisions. Because the majority of our clientele comes from outside of Germany, it is a clear advantage for them to trust us as a company with years of successful experience in the local market.

– We are quick: We already know the local standard procedures and necessary documents. We have established partners and contacts in the property management industry. The only thing that our clients do is enjoying business with us.

We would be happy to answer your questions, provide valuable recommendations and advice on the usage of borrowed financial resources, financial leverage management, as well as on how to increase the income by borrowing from a bank. You can contact us via phone, email or use our contact form.