Property management

Reingold Immobilien offers a whole spectrum of property management services, from creating and maintaining engineering infrastructure of the property unit to providing support to the tenants regarding the questions about the rented property.
We ensure a proper management of cash flows, engagement of relevant tenants, and optimization of a property maintenance costs. Hence our service will help you to avoid unnecessary expenditures and will increase your income from the acquisition (e.g. from rental property).
Our company conducts all-type property management services to help you keep the stable income from your investment in German real estate market.

We support you at every stage of your purchase/investment:
– search and valuation of the real estate object,
– transaction and agreement between the buyer and the seller,
– receiving additional financial assistance (e.g. credit, mortgage),
– daily business correspondence and documentation regarding all property-related procedures,
– monitoring of the fulfillment of the obligations stated in the transaction agreement,
– conflict resolution (if necessary),
– accounting, including tax forms,
– monthly and annual reports.

Daily paperwork will never become a problem for you, because our experts provide competent support, being well acquainted with the insights of German real estate market, as well as with the local standard procedures. Reingold Immobilien can help you not only with the current property maintenance but also with its possible development (an expansion of the investment project).