Buying Property

Experts call the property in Germany “concrete gold” and this name is fully justified. Even during the recent crisis, the German property market was steady and continued to show resistant exponentially growing trend.

Every foreigner can buy property in Germany without any limitation, both as a physical and as a legal entity on together with a German citizen. If you, the future investor, has decided to make profit by buying real estate in Germany and are looking for a qualified consultant-manager, we will be happy to assist you. Here on our website, we have prepared all the necessary basic information for you. You can get the first glimpse of our activities and about the “pitfalls” which we can help you avoid.

In the sections “Financing” and Property management” you can get additional information about buying and managing income property in Germany. You can also find important information about “Residency permit” about the opportunities of Moving with family” after you have bought income property in Germany and have steady cash flow to support your monthly expenses.

After the first acquaintance with our website, you probably have questions. We will be happy to answer your questions, advise you about the financial leverage and many more.