Founding a company

To do this you need to do enough to our via the following three steps:

1. Notary
We will help you to register a company in Hamburg as quickly as possible. Our experts will prepare the package of all necessary documents for the company establishment. Your personal presence is required only at the time of registration of the company at the notary (one day only).

2. The Bank
By contacting us for opening a bank account in Hamburg You spend only an hour of your time for being present at the bank when submitting the documents. Let us know the time of your visit to Hamburg and we take care of all the preliminary preparations according to your wishes.

3. Tax
Proper accounting of our auditors will free you from unnecessary problems and allow you to concentrate on your business.

Help in business development
Especially at the beginning, your new company needs to be accompanied in dealing with current issues with confidence to reach a stable level of performance and, ultimately, for the realization of your business ideas. Our experts will help you in all stages and will support you in dealing with the formalities. Provision of virtual office and secretarial services in our Business Center will help you to reduce the initial cost at the opening of business in Germany.

Additional services
In addition, we are ready to provide you with a number of additional services that you believe are necessary for the development of your business. For instance, our specialists will register your trademark or patent. Without leaving their desks in your office, you can entrust us with such tasks as providing warehouse and logistics services in Germany, as well as financial services to cover your transactions (paying bills).